Entropy pic

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This picture is of a shed on S. Warren Street that I always walk by on my way back to my house.entropy-small.jpg



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I tried to google myself to come up with this blog, but it was pretty difficult.  I googled Lisa Hansen, Lisa Hansen photography, Lisa Christine, and Lisa Christine Photography.  The one that came up with this blog the fastest was Lisa Hansen Photography.


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For our color imaging class, we had to know the definition of haptic: of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch.

Tony’s Market

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Tony’s Market, located on Highway 13, sells produce, flowers, and hot Italian food.


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The new store on Pine Street, Impulse, opened up about a month ago and carries fashionable clothes for women.


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These pictures are around my neighborhood while the weather was approaching the fall season.

Mock Accident

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These pictures are from a mock accident held by UCM. The safety classes usually put one on every year to help them understand what could happen and what to do.